christmas carpet cleaning

‘Tis The Season

Oh, the madness, fun and yet chaos that Thanksgiving & Christmas time brings. It’s a time of sitting around the table, eating a delicious spread of food while laughing & catching up with relatives. That’s what it’s all about, It’s coming together with friends and neighbors whether watching football, playing board games or just lounging & napping! But with the fun of reunion it’s bound to happen, an accident. Your furniture becomes stained from red wine, cranberry sauce or gravy! Here’s how to prepare your upholstery for those occasional Thanksgiving & Christmas mishaps!

Make Your Sofas and Chairs Spill Proof

Every Holiday get together, it goes without saying that a red wine spill or coffee stain on your white couch or Family Heirloom rug can dampen the mood of the host. Rest assured, by covering your bases with an upholstery protectant like one you can get from , to create a barrier around the fibers to resist staining! Need more help protecting spills & stains? Turn over your sofa cushions before the guests arrive. Doing so will allow the ‘spotless side’ to be what your guests see, and by turning over your pillows (the same goes for the cushions) you can distribute wear and tear. Then, after Thanksgiving or Christmas has come and gone, hire a professional such as to give your upholstered items a deep cleaning from top to bottom! When minor spills do happen on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day (such as when your teenager decides to start a food fight with the cousins or uncle tom spills his beer and hysterical laughter) clean it up A.S.A.P.! Just be sure to blot—not rub or scrub—and you can at the very least, minimize its damage to your furniture. And if you did have a Chem-Dry protectant applied to your upholstery beforehand, the good news is spills can be removed before staining occurs.

A Natural Upholstery Cleaning You Can’t Do Without This Holiday Season

The upholstery cleaning you want in order to preserve your couches, chairs and recliners is a safe one for everyone in your home, including pets. ‘s upholstery cleaning doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind, and although gentle on the environment and those who inhabit your home, it does the same job that a tough and toxic cleaner does – just without the nasty side effects. Not to mention, if you’re short on time before the family arrives you’re in luck! will have your furniture & carpets cleaning in 1-2 hours not 1-2 days like conventional steam cleaning. Our cleaning methods are the perfect solution for your ‘furniture prep session’ for Thanksgiving & Christmas! They offer a natural, eco-friendly cleaning solution that works deep into the fibers of your upholstery, and using minimal water so that your furniture isn’t drenched—it’s just clean and dry for your company. Watch your couches withstand Aunt Peggie’s cranberry spills and Uncle Dennis’s gravy stains like a champ! Call  today!