furniture cleaningWhy you should clean your carpets may seem like a silly question. On any given day, you walk, lie down, stomp, play, and (even run) over them. Despite the occasional mud tracks you drag in, your intention is the same: the cleaner your carpets are, the healthier your home will be. They are an investment—not just for its overall value but for the collective wellbeing of your family. So, why don’t you think of your furniture in the same way? Learn why and how to keep your furniture looking its best with fabric protectant, and you’ll leverage your living space to a healthier and happier place!

Consider What You’re Dealing With

furniture cleaning

Many people make the mistake of ignoring the upkeep needs of their furniture because they don’t think it needs to be cleaned—period. Instead, they spot clean and vacuum their carpets, and commit to regularly scheduled professional cleanings exclusively for their flooring. But what happens to your microfiber couch cushions after that spaghetti stain sets in? How clean can your favorite lounge chair really be when months (or possibly even years) of pet hair, dirt and food stains have accumulated and set in?

The Functionality of Fabric Protectant

furniture cleaning

Just as your carpet is an investment, so is your loveseat, couch and reclining chair.  The days of plastic covering to keep your couch well protected is gone, and the modern day fabric protectant has taken its place. Whether you’re prone to dropping your coffee cup onto your upholstery from time to time, or simply tracking in dirt from the outdoors, fabric protectant can help you keep those unwanted stains and spots at bay.

With a powerful solution that prevents stains from attaching (and setting) into the fibers of your carpet, fabric protectant works effectively to keep stains from becoming permanent. In the long run, it saves you money, by easily allowing you to remove stains every time you spill or stain your furniture.

Let the Professionals Protect Your Furniture From Tough Stains

While there are some easy do-it-yourself fabric protectant solutions out there, getting it done right the first time by experienced professionals can allow you to have the peace and mind of clean, stain resistant furniture once and for all!
’s fabric protectant is easy, simple and effective. Using a tough, stain resistant solution that is easy on the environment, your upholstery will stay cleaner longer. Call us today at  to learn more about our cleaning packages, options and our home cleaning solutions today.